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Ramblings of an Internist

Welcome to the blog of Dr. Edward Espinosa. Feel free to read the ramblings and add your own.

Welcome to Ramblings of an Internist.

Welcome to my blog.  My name is Dr. Edward Espinosa.  I am an internal medicine physician with a concierge internal medicine practice located in Buckhead, a suburb of Atlanta, GA.

The purpose of this blog is to create a forum where I can have a bi directional interactive conversation with my existing patients as well as new patients with regard to new or current health care topics. I’d like to create a source of useful medical information for the reader, and I’d like to increase awareness about my practice and practice style.

My hopes are that readers and viewers will find this blog to be a useful resource when researching medical questions.  Most of what will be included is evidence based and will be supported with medical references.  However, in order to keep you engaged, much of what will be discussed in the blog will be based on my personal bias and opinion. As the opportunities arise within each topic, I will do my best to highlight points that relate directly to readers and viewers in the Atlanta area.  I plan to keep the discussion light, opinionated, and entertaining.

My disclaimer is that the topics covered should not be used as a standalone medical recommendation. Instead, if you find this medical information useful, please discuss this information with your primary care provider or specialist prior to incorporating the recommendations into your personal care plan.

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